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The expert in misting systems and front runner in the field of quality, knowledge, innovation and development for the past 30 years. We produce customised solutions that are fully optimised to suit your specific requirements. Reldair can evaporate efficiently with an average smallest drop size when there is a low moisture deficit. Reldair has unique references where systems have already been doing their magic for 30 years and is the only producer to issue a five year guarantee with regard to the average drop size.


We know how to give water a role in those environments where growth, health and results are important. Water is a source of opportunities for us and we cannot wait to share them with the world.

Scientific knowledge

We arrive at innovations and solutions that deliver the best possible growth, health and results by linking our scientific knowledge to our practical knowledge. We build bridges, reflect deeply, think differently and always check whether there is an even better solution.

Advice and solutions

We offer advice and high quality technical solutions in the field of air humidity in a large number of segments, ranging from horticulture, storage systems, cooling systems, cattle breeding to the petrochemical industry.

Our team

Together with our team we form a small and flexible organisation where quality is delivered within an informal environment. Each team member contributes to that with his or her own expertise. Our aim is to advise and assist our customers as expertly as possible.

Our solutions

Reldair offers advice and high quality technical solutions in the field of air humidity in a large number of segments, ranging from horticulture, storage systems, cooling systems, cattle breeding to the oil industry.

Reldair Pro-line System

This is the proven and well-known 120 bar system which is used in greenhouses and other applica ons all over the world. This system is praised because of the small droplet size and precise droplet distribu on, where the droplets are equally distributed in the air and do not fall on your precious owers or crops.

Reldair Horti-line System

This system combines the e ec ve nozzle from the pro-line system with the easy to assemble hor -line tubing system. At an opera on pressure of 100 bar this unique system delivers a very high price value ratio.

Water quality

The water quality in the Netherlands varies enormously per region. Moreover, different types of water are used alongside each other in horticulture. These types of water have different pH values (acidity). Crystals can sometimes adhere to the inside of the nozzle because of a high pH value, iron and/or lime scale. This will, in exceptional situations, have an impact on the nozzle's spraying pattern.

Optimal functioning

In order to have the Reldair misting system perform properly, the outlet water must be of a constant quality. Based on our experience, we will provide advice about the applicable techniques or calculate the required prefiltration.

Our products

We offer a variety of products that have different functionalities. Below is briefly mentioned that each product focuses on. Additionally, you can view the detailed information via brochures.


  • This is the proven and well-known 120 Bar system which is praised because of the small and equal droplet size creates an uniform mist that distributes evenly and does not create whet spots on the products.

Reldair Horti-line System

  • This system combines the effective nozzle from the Pro-line system with a convenient mounting solution. At an operation pressure of 100 Bar this unique system delivers a very high price-value ratio.

Nozzle technology

  • The premium Reldair nozzle, which is used in both the Pro-line and Horti-line system is produced under own supervision. Reldair is the only mist system manufacturer that gives a 5 years warranty on its nozzles.

Pump with break tank

  • Reldair offers a various range of pumping systems with or without integrated break tank. An integrated break tank enables to re-use the water surplus that is led back to the break tank and to an integrated legionella protection.

Pump system

  • The proven Reldair pump system can be executed on request with an integrated storage tank, a frequency inverter, UV disinfection, pH-control, pre filtration and operates on a pressure of 100 or 120 bar.

Water softeners

  • When using tap water with a high hardness we strongly advise the usage of a water softener. The water softener avoids calcic deposits in the tubing and improves the lifetime of your equipment.


If you have a question or would like more information about a specific topic, please do not hesitate to contact Chris van Kempen. You can also send a message to us by using the form below. We aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours.

Chris van Kempen

Chris van Kempen

Technical sales manager

Chris is responsible for technical and operational advice and for the sales. He has more then 10 years of experience in this role within the company. You can reach him on the following number: +31 6 41 23 43 41.